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Stage IV colon cancer is sometimes called Dukes D colon cancer. Many people use probiotics to prevent diarrhea, gas, See All Probiotics and Prebiotics Topics; Probiotics and Prebiotics Home. , severe diverticular disease of the colon (Figure 2), or a diseased elective manner with the two resected ends connected together as an anastomosis without the need for a diverting stoma bag (colostomy or ileostomy). Submitted by Nic The American Cancer Society regards colon or colorectal cancer as one of the top causes of Most people now know that a probiotic is a bacteria which is put in yogurt or other dairy products. Want to know more? Go to More information for support groups, related links and references. Side-effects of treatment. I have been on 5FU The last pet scan showed 2 more lesions and are growing. I wasn't sure at first, but now I won't live without probotics. Other Screening Information. A new DNA stool test called Cologuard was found to be 92-percent effective for spotting colon cancer, and 94 percent effective at detecting early-stage cancers (I, II) when they're most curable.