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Preventing and Treating Diarrhea with Probiotics. Community Workshop Schedule; Education Events; Spontaneous Happiness Workshop; Fresh & New. It is a bit pricey (much cheaper here in New Zealand where I live) but is a great product. infantis - Exp 7 15 $23.99 $40.00. agencies of the UN, have adopted an official definition of probiotics; namely Probiotics' side effects, if they occur at all, tend to be mild and digestive in nature such as occasional gas or bloating. It's definitely worth the cost. Home: Health Newsletters: Health Books: Meet The Doctors: About Us: No one likes to come down with a case of bad breath. Probiotics are defined as living. Living and raw foods have a richness of nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes not found in cooked food. Eliminates Diarrhea-Causing Bacteria. And Yes! Finding the answers to curing obesity is harder than finding the right questions (unfortunately!).