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In Depth Patient Education Reports. What was most interesting is that the women were the only ones that the probiotic helped in the weight loss efforts. So apart from curd, what are the other probiotics available in India. Tykerb, Xeloda, Pepcid, Dilaudid, Ativan, Calcium, Lovaza, Grape Seed Extract, Selenium Do not take coq10 when on Mepron/malarone. There are some new probiotic yogurts on the market. Natural remedies that work. Probiotic Potential for Depression. Probiotic use creates an intestinal environment that can improve a user's immune system. For Bodybuilding Bodybuilding Protein Supplements Whey Protein Supplements Protein Chia Seeds CoQ10 Curcumin Oral Probiotics Resveratrol Saw Palmetto Stevia Taurine Wheat Grass Home Bravo Probiotic - NEW. Massager Natural 1 EACH, Aloha Bay Feng Shui Candle Jar Fire Passion Fire Passio, Pet 1 each, Nexcare Nexcare Earloop Masks 20 each, Natures Secret Digestive Cleanse Probiotic Replenish Chobani means shepherd in the Turkish language. Cani, PhD, Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain, Belgium. Free Downloads; Consultations.