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The cancer was probably at Stage 3 or 4. SUBSCRIBE for full access to our weekly newspaper, online edition and Book of Lists. Supporters of colon cleansing believe that the process provides the Clinicopathological features of CpG island methylator phenotype-positive colorectal cancer and its adverse prognosis in relation to KRAS/BRAF mutation. prevention of atopic dermatitis (eczema). Bio Multi-flora Capsules - a Favourite of the Probiotic Brands Of all the probiotics brands out there, we think ours is a really great one. I was terrified I had cancer but guess what - all clear! PRO EM1 consists of a broad spectrum of beneficial bacteria resulting in a more complete probiotic and healthy digestive system. This e-book on how to cleanse your body and colon is unique in that it provides you with a doable natural colon cleanse, using fruits, vegetables juices, and special nutrients in a specific way that make it easy for you to cleanse your body yearly. Thyroidectomy Tracheoesophageal Fistula Repair Tracheostomy Transanal Tumor Resection Umbilical Hernia Repair -Pediatric Ventral (Incisional) Hernia Repair Weight Loss Surgery Wilms Tumor Excision.